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Below is a list of our professional Consulting Services along with a list of our University of Texas Arlington (CUIRE) Accredited Classroom and Field Training services that we offer to Cities, Municipalities, Government Agencies and the private sector.  Please scroll down this page for a detailed outline of our course description.


•   Specifications

•   Job Supervision/Training

•   Hard-to-Clean Pipe

     •   Full Pipe

     •   Large Diameter

     •   Large Amount of Debris

•   Equipment Evaluations

•   Personnel Evaluations

•   Process and Procedure

Accredited Classroom
and Field Training

•   STEP Cleaning

•   Hydro-Mechanical Cleaning

     •   Kites, Balls, Scooters

•   Hydraulic Cleaning

     •   High Velocity

     •   Vactor

     •   Vac-Con

     •   Camel

     •   Aquatech

     •   Myers

     •   Guzzler, etc.

•   Vacuum Systems

•   Flow Control / Plugging

•   Nozzle Selection

•   Bypass Pumping


Sewer Cleaning 102

Program Description: Sewer Cleaning 102 will provide an overview of basic systems and professional wastewater management.  Courses will cover historical contexts as well as current practice.  Equipment selections and maintenance techniques will be explored along with best practices.  This program of study will incorporate 7.25 hours of Course time.  Accredited by the University of Texas Arlington (CUIRE).

1. Course Introduction: Background of Sewer Maintenance and Systems (.25 Hour)

2. Production and Cost Issues (.5 Hour)

3. Pneumatic Plugs (1 Hour)

4. High Pressure Sewer Hose (1 Hour)

5. High Pressure Water Systems  (1 Hour)

6. Nozzles (1 Hour)

7. Nozzle Capacity Cleaning (.5 Hour)

8. Blockage removal: Roots and Grease (1 Hour)

9. Vacuum System (1 Hour)

Full Course Description

You may click on the link below to download a detailed PDF course description for review.

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Find our what our clients have to say about our training:

"My staff and I were very impressed with Rusty. First  and foremost, he is very knowledable in the Wastewater field. Most of my staff are seasoned veterans that have been in this for years and yet all of ys were able to learn something we didn't know before. Rusty's demeanor and appropriate sense of humor added to the value of the classroom training. The field training was equally valuable. Rusty's knowledge of the jet/vac combo units was impressive. Everything Rusty teaches is predicated around safety first. I would encourage any Wastewater maintenance group or management staff to consider Nezat Training and Consulting the next time you are looking for real value in hand on training for staff."

- Steve Wyant, City of Arvada Wastewater/Stormwater Manager

"I have known Rusty Nezat for many years and he is well versed in the safety and productivity aspects of sewer and pipe cleaning. His training presentations are really one of a kind for our industry and are definitely needed. Keeping our sewer workers safe on the job and helping them to be more productive per cleaning hour is critically important to the cities and contractors in our industry. His training truly saves lives, saves jobs and helps keep the pipe lines of America flowing better. I would highly recommend Nezat Training and Consulting, Inc. to anyone who wants a safer operating environment - and a more productive crew."

-Dan O'Brien, Sewer Equipment, Owner