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On average, municipal sanitary sewer cleaning crews are actually cleaning sewer about 40-50 minutes per workday.

Nezat Training and Consulting specializes in enhancing the performance of organizations involved in the maintenance of sanitary and storm sewer collection systems.  This is achieved through evaluations, training, and consulting services. NT&C can assist you in meeting the training requirements of CMOM, as well requirements of consent decrees.

We can all agree that our crews are not cleaning pipe unless the nozzle is in the line and the unit is pumping water to the nozzle.  The average crew fills their respective unit about 4 times per day.  Let's assume the unit holds 1,000 gallons of water and the high pressure pump discharges at 80 gallons per minute. If we do the math, that gives us about 50 minutes of cleaning.  As managers of valuable resources, we must evaluate what we are currently doing and improve the process if at all possible!  It is important to identify and evaluate all tasks that are involved in the overall sewer cleaning process.  Once this has been accomplished, these tasks can be analysed and modified to allow more time for the actual cleaning process.

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Some realized benefits of many of our clients have been:

•  Greater Safety Awareness

•  Reduction of Equipment Downtime

•  Improved Quality of Sewer Cleaning

•  Increased Production Rates

•  Reduction in Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO)

•  Improved Morale Among Operators

•  Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs

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and repair, you need to partner with Nezat Training & Consulting as an important part of your municipal sewer maintenance and repair.

Here is a list of some of the training services we offer; Sewer cleaning operator training, Wastewater Collection training, Wastewater Collection, Combination unit training, Gapvax training, Aquatech Training, Vactor Training, Camel Training, Super products Training, Vac-Con Training, Vacall Training, SRECO Flexible, Sewer nozzles, Jetter training, CMOM – Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance, Asset Management, SSO – sanitary sewer overflows, Collection system maintenance, Sewer Rehab, CCTV Closed Circuit Television, Root Cutting, Root Saw, Bulldog Nozzle, Warthog Nozzle, Rod Machine, Sewer Bucket Machines.

If you're a Director or Assistant Director of Utilities, a Sewer Superintendent or Wastewater Superintendent, a Sewer Supervisor or Wastewater Supervisor, a Sewer Equipment Operator or Wastewater Equipment Operator, a Wastewater Collection Superintendent, a Supervisor or Operator, a Public Works Director or an Assistant Director of Public Works you'll find that Nezat Training is a priceless service that can and will benefit you and your operation is so many ways.


Our specialty is Teaching You how to correctly clean the worst pipe in your collections system using Your Manpower and Your Equipment.

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