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Rusty Nezat has been a Director of Nezat Training & Consulting Inc. since  1999, supplying training and consultation services to contractors and municipalities involved in sewer cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation processes. Nezat Training & Consulting Inc. has trained over 1000 cleaning equipment operators throughout the nation resulting in increased productivity and the reduction of equipment down time for these organizations.


Being a second generation sewer cleaner I began at the young age of thirteen and I am still at it 35 years later. Having spent my entire adult life involved in some aspect of sewer cleaning, I been afforded amazing learning opportunities. During my employment years ago with the Texas based Insituform Technology group I found myself responsible for a large fleet of sewer cleaning equipment and associated personnel. During this time I was exposed to the Deming Theory of the Continuous Improvement Process. This new understanding changed the way I conducted my responsibilites. I was never satisfied with the status quo again.

I began to do extensive research into cleaning methodologies and nozzle functions. Through this research I came to a true understanding of the Step Cleaning Method; which was due in large part to identifying the carrying capacities of different nozzles. After modifying the equipment, adding better nozzles, and training the operators in the new methodology, our daily production rates doubled.

After leaving Insituform in 1991, Nezat and Associates was created and incorporated, then began providing services to municipalities across the country. In 1999, our name was changed to Nezat Training & Consulting, Inc. at the urging of our owner, who is my wife. Our goal has been to take the best operating techniques and bring them to the public sector. Our hope is to help better equipped municipalities with information and training that can lower their cost, increase production and safety awareness.

Over the years I have developed specialty cleaning nozzles for the industry and have been awarded several US Patents for sewer clean devices and processes. In addition to our training business we own and operate a contracting service for cleaning large diameter sewer, difficult-to-access sewer and siphons. This process is known as Jigawon.